Our story

Una tarde en París fue suficiente para que 2 locos emprendedores, Ignasi y Judit, vieran claro que "big data" can be the basis of all innovation processes if you understand what it is and how this data can be used.

It had been the COP21 in the city and they remembered that transport represents the 25% of Europe's greenhouse gas emissions and is the main cause of air pollution in cities. We have also entered in the digital age and all experts agree that new technologies will enable a more electric, shared and connected transport improving its environmental impact.

Connectivity will help to create increasingly individualized services, thanks to efficient data management. In fact, new services are so easy to use that citizens are already sharing their data in real time to improve their mobility, while companies and entities are still reluctant to do so. But shared data improves services.

Our mission

And so was born OpenMobility con la ambición de proporcionar las herramientas para entender qué significan los datos abiertos y como estos combinados con datos personales pueden ayudar a la innovación de servicios en el sector de la movilidad.

We want to be your partner to:

  • Understand BIG / OPEN / PERSONAL DATA in mobility sector
  • Discover who are the key ACTORS of your sector
  • Analyze BENEFITS and BARRIERS de utilizar cada tipo datos
  • Encourage your teams to INNOVATE services

About us

Judit Batayé

Judit Batayé

#EcoConnectedMobility #MobilityInnovation #designthinking. Conócela más here.

Ignasi Alcalde

Ignasi Alcalde

#DataInnovation #DataVisualitzation #opendata. here.

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